Recovered Wind Energy Planning Appeals....

For far too long communities, our precious landscapes and heritage assets have been placed under a curse - the Wind Farm Curse - by the wind industry, greedy and selfish landowners, and others who wanted to jump aboard the 'green' gravy train.

Irrespective of how much harm and misery will be created they aggressively fight local councils and residents in order to get their way, often prepared to spend hundreds of thousands of £s on expensive lawyers and other means. An excerpt from an MP's speech in Parliament included, "Communities are being hassled, bullied and, in some cases, bribed by wind developers"

There is little doubt in the minds of many that wind developers have always viewed the Planning Appeal process as their most likely means to success; where a single, unelected and other than by name anonymous Inspector will make the final decision - most often to allow. It has been the case that if they had the 'right' Inspector the odds on them gaining consent were almost guaranteed. Many councils would reluctantly approve wind farms and turbines just because they feared the inevitable financial consequences of losing an appeal.

Since the intervention of the then Secretary of State (SofS) Eric Pickles, with his Renewable Planning Guidance and Recovered Appeals process, plus follow through by the current SofS Greg Clark, some respite has occurred. Unfortunately the sheer number of turbine and wind farm appeals still means that lone Inspectors are still deciding some appeals themselves.

From the left links this website provides a higher level analysis, in downloadable PDF format, of the 56 Recovered wind energy appeals on which a SofS decision has been made to date (21/04/2016). In addition there is the facility to download each of the individual decision documents which also include the Inspectors recommendation report.